Piklema Predictive
Production Optimizer
Mine to Mill 2.0
The system allows to manage an entire value chain of mining and processing production by organizing a single control center and analyzing the effectiveness of all technological processes from drilling up to processing based on predictive analytics and expert systems
Processing plant optimization
Predictive digital advisers for operators to control processing equipment will enable stable ore output and maximize the productivity of your plant.
Optimisation of continuous miner in underground coal mines
Increase productivity of your continuous miner by predicting the methane levels to avoid unnecessary downtime
Piklema Predictive Fuel Manager
Predictive fuel management
Reducing fuel consumption of dump trucks through predictive analytics
Piklema Safety
Prediction of methane level in coal mine
Accidents risk reduction. Predicting the level of methane in the face before increasing concentration.
Health and safety risks manager
Prediction of violations and LTIFR, level of risk for different works, based on production statistic
Fatigue manager
Prediction operators fatigue and its influence on overall productivity based on combination of fatigue sensor, operators profile, pre-shift check-ins and production data from fleet management system
Piklema Predictive Maintenance Manager
Predictive tires management
Improve tires availability, optimize tires wear, procurement using predictive analytics.
Predictive engine management
Increasesthe availability through the prediction of engine breakdowns and early warning.
Piklema Mining Analytics Platform
Entire platform for data integration and collection for mining industry
Reducing fuel consumption of dump trucks through predictive analytics
Piklema Predictive box
Predictive box for data collection
Reliable on-board computer with preconfigure interfaces to most of dispatch and health monitoring systems for data collection and prediction.