Automated excavator monitoring system based on computer vision allows you to monitor the integrity of excavator teeth, determine granulometry distribution of rock mass in excavator shovel and monitor excavation cycles and downtimes.
About product
How it works:
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What does the system do:
Using computer vision algorithms, our solution allows to solve the following tasks:
monitor shovel teeth loss and breakage and notify the driver and dispatcher about it, which allows to quickly find lost tooth in the shipped rock;
to determine the granulometry distribution of rock mass in shovel in order to assess the quality of drilling ang blasting works and determine the irregularities on early stages;to determine the granulometric composition of the submerged rock in order to assess the quality of the explosion and determine the irregularities in the early stages;
determine the number of digging cycles, as well as their duration, to track the performance of excavators and optimize the use of the entire fleet of equipment.
installing a digital camera above the conveyor belt;
online analysis of the granulometric composition of the rock and the condition of the excavator bucket due to computer vision.
Piklema CVision.ShovelTeeth
prompt operator alerts to tooth loss or breakage;
alert maintenance department in case of tooth loss or breakage if there is a stable connection.
Piklema CVision.ShovelFrag
determine fraction size in the pit face with an average error less than 5 cm;
transfer on-board measurements and analytics to the server;
build analytics linked to excavator, block and horizon;
determine min and max fractions, fraction size by classes;
integration with drilling and blasting systems in order to transfer data for adjustment of blasting operations (REST API).
Piklema CVision.ShovelCycles
determine excavation cycles and their duration to track the performance of excavators and to optimize the use of the entire vehicle fleet;
determine excvator downtimes;
integration with dispatching systems.
Piklema CVision.ShovelFrag:
increase excavator performance by up to 2-3% (t/h);
increase excavator reliability ration by up to 3-7%;
reduce an amount of explosives used by up to 1-2%;
reduce crusher downtimes.
Piklema CVision.ShovelTeeth:
reduce crusher downtimes;
reduce equipment maintance costs by up to 3-7%;
reduce dump trucks downtimes caused by shovel teeth loss by up to 80%.
Piklema CVision.ShovelCycles:
reduce non-technological downtimes by up to 10%;
reduce the duration of excavation cycles by up to 7%.
Key efficiency drivers
reduce crusher downtimes caused by tooth presence;
reduce trucks downtimes due to crusher repairs;
reduce excavator inefficiency caused by presence of boulders;
increase overall productivity due to better fragmentation;
provide recommendations for operators and drivers;
determine low excavator performance and it causes.
Time for efficiency!
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