Improve the efficiency of drilling and blasting operations using mobile fragmentation analysis system based on artificial neural networks.
About product
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What does the system do:
Ore fragmentation distribution in pit face based on computer vision provides comprehensive information of drilling and blasting operations and affects on reducing of explosives costs.
Key functions
determine ore fragmentation distribution in pit face on phone/tablet images using neural network algorithms
(additional training is possible);
safe shooting with stereo camera;
the accuracy of determining the size of objects with
an error of no more than 5 cm;
web-editor with functions for viewing parameters, editing
and deleting objects;
the ability to process results from both mobile devices
and desktop.
How it works:
Take a picture on any device.
Upload the picture.
Get the result: render, excel file, link to web-interface for viewing and editing.
Increasing the reliability ration of excavator
by up to 3-7%.
Increasing the productivity of excavators
by up to 2-3% (t/h).
Reduction of explosives used by up to 1-2%.
Reduction of crusher downtime.
How efficiency is achieved
Maintaining an optimal balance between the amount of explosives used and the performance of loading equipment by achieving an optimal fraction of the rock mass.
Stable dependencies were revealed between the results of measuring the parameters of ore fragmentation and the loading time of the excavator by using Piklema CVision.PitFace at coal open pit (10 mln t. of coal - annual production)
Case Study
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Clients' feedback
Technical Director
of the coal producer
«...Implementation of the system helps to reduce production chain costs by getting the reliable analytics on granulometry composition and optimal planning the next blocks, and also the system helps to increase the productivity of excavators by obtaining more optimal fragmentation composition and reducing the amount of the oversized items. Our company highly recommends Piklema СVision.PitFace software.»
Head of the drilling and blasting department of a gold mining company.
«... The average measurement error in Piklema CVision.PitFace software is no more than 2 centimeters, which fully satisfies the requirements. The company's specialists highly appreciated the functional and quality characteristics of the Piklema CVision.PitFace software and recommend it for use.»
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