Computer vision system for analyzing the granulometry distribution of rock mass on the conveyor, as well as monitoring the condition of the conveyor belt.
About product
What does the system do:
The system analyses photo/video by using computer vision algorithms to determine rock mass granulometry distribution and to detect conveyor defects.
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How it works:
installing a digital camera under the conveyor belt;
online analysis of the fragmentation composition of the rock on the belt by using computer vision.
build reports and diagrams to visually display the granulometry distribution on the conveyor belt;building reports and diagrams to visually display the ore fragmentation distribution on the conveyor belt;
notify operators about detecting boulders and foreign objects in rock mass;
notify operators about detecting conveyor defects;
integrations with APCS and and other factory systems.
Reduce energy costs by up to 3%.
Monitoring the quality of ore supplied to the processing plant.
How efficiency is achieved
reduce crushing energy costs;
reduce the risk of conveyor belt damage;
increase crushers productivity;
ore blending quality monitoring.
set up an adviser to the operators of the processing plant;
achieve the objective defined quality of the ore blending;
ore blending quality monitoring on the conveyor belt without using the expensive X-ray machines.
Time for efficiency!
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