Piklema Tires Management
Digital adviser for tires lifecycle management to increase tires availability.
About product
What does the system do:
Piklema Tires Management Assistant – the software designed specially for off-road tires that helps tire's engineer to manage the entire lifecycle of a tire from purchase till decommissioning and forecasting of a number and models of tires for a new order.
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How it works:
we collect information about tire mileage, pressure, T*km/h;
we organize the process of monitoring the residual depth of the protectors via a tablet;
we provide recommendations on inspections, rotations,
and tire rotations;
detailed analytics about violations and implemented recommendations for repairs and tire rotation;
analytics on lost mileage and selection of tires
for specific dump trucks.
Increased tires lifecycle by 5-10%.
Reduced tires failures
by 30-40%.
More then 1 mln USD for average open pit.
How efficiency is achieved
recommendations of rotations and replacement based on predictive modeling;
factor analysis of tires performance based on mathematical modeling;
prediction of lifecycle and costs of tires;
recommendations of optimal tires models;
OTR planning software;
thermal imaging tire inspection (Computer Vision for tires inspection).
just 1 month for start using the system
(process of OTR tires management);
ready-made software with lof of case studies;
modular architecture;
software is easy to use and rollpout to any mine globally;
tires real-time monitoring and mobile application
for any tablet (android);
tires condition and actions required dashboard;
recomendations and execution analytics;
integration with any TPMS;
the additional module of Piklema Tires Management provides photo/video recording with a thermal map of dump trucks in automatic mode.
Time for efficiency!
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