Piklema Driver Assistant
Truck Driver Assistant to decrease fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by optimizing driver behaviour
(Unqualified drivers burn up to 15% of extra fuel)
About product
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What does the system do:
Piklema Diver Assistnat is a new approach of efficient trucks' driving: leverage AI to provide real-time audio or visual adviser for truck operators that gives optimal driving behavior suggestions. Intelligent Driver Assistant thinks instead of the driver: It predicts optimal driving behavior for any conditions, roads, weather, and type of truck and provides precise advice to the driver on how to drive the truck for each part of the technological road. After the shift mining dispatcher and engineers analyze KPI's for each part of the road and how efficiently the truck performed. For open pits, we guarantee fuel consumption reduction by 3-7% for heavy dump trucks as well as increase the average speed up to 5 %.
How it works:
Virtual driving assistant and rating of operators.
Online road conditions monitoring.
Technical condition analytics of dump trucks.
Detailed fuel consumption accounting and analytics; Pre-configured AI models that are adapted to a specific enterprise in 2-3 weeks.
Reduced fuel consumption by 3-7%.
Increased average
speed by 3-7%.
Reducing CO2 emissions.
How efficiency is achieved
Piklema Driving Assistant augment a driver with proper acceleration zones, speed, gear etc. tailored to mining roads;
formation of optimal trip (recommendations) for each part of the road, route in terms of maximum performance and fuel efficiency;
improving the qualifications of drivers, bringing the worst to the best;
driver rating;
factor analysis of specific fuel consumption;
road quality monitoring based on deviations from the optimal driving mode;
detailed analytics on speed and specific fuel consumption for each dump truck.
unique database for AI models training for open pits;
software is easy to roll-out for any mine globally;
detailed analytics on trips parts during the shift due to the frequency of data collection (1 second);
the system operates when routes and technological roads are partially covered by the communication network;
the system can be integrated with any dispatch system (FMS);
modular architecture;
Identification of problem areas that reduce productivity and increase fuel consumption of mining dump trucks;
fits to standard tablets and installed by a mine.
Time for efficiency!
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